Precautions When Using Salt to Treat White Spot and Fish Diseases

The above video deals with some precautions about using salt. It's practically impossible to end up in trouble with it –  but there are times when I'd be “Ehhhhh not so much” on it.
Practically ALWAYS when treating White Spot disease (Ick) (Ich) but for most everything else, Formalin Malachite Green is usually better.

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This video takes the book “Saving Sick Fish” a little deeper in looking at salt and some things to be careful of when treating for example, we don't like Salt in warm, cloudy water. And if there are a lot of live plants, the plant die-off could corrupt the system equilibrium. More.
Questions About Dog Adoption and Fish White Spot or Hexamita Answered Free.
You can ask these questions and more and Dr Johnson will answer FROM HIS PUBLISHED WORKS.
This means that A.I. scours everything he's written and puts it into an answer on his website.
It's artificial intelligence applied, BUT at least it comes from valid information and not a patch work of random Internet articles. Does it fail? AI sometimes doesn't understand the question – or maybe I just don't know the answer so it's not in the database. But give it a try.
And it's free.

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It’s election season, and we need to beware our news!
“A frothed-up, agitated consumer checks their feed OFTEN and spends increased time commenting and sharing.“
Facebook sells advertising, and needs you “on” as long as possible. Facebook learns what you like, and what you read. If you read conspiracy theories, you will quickly be loaded up. If you read about how “The Other Party” is plotting Armageddon, you will get TONS of supporting content. Whatever you believe, you will rabidly believe EVEN MORE, because Facebook spares you all disliked content. (By design: Half the time, that’s content containing more of the truth).
Whatever you believe, you will soon believe in EVEN MORE.
A frothed-up, agitated consumer checks their feed OFTEN and spends increased

time commenting and sharing.
⭐️ And looking at Facebook pop-ups, thank you.
Please, get your news somewhere with facts. Not just inflammatory, one-sided “shreditorials.” Don’t be “that guy” regardless of your “side” because you’re BOTH being played for clicks.
Stop Reading cause it gets Cringey: It’s ironic that generations of people have quoted “Revelation 13:17” I sardonically called Mark Zuckerberg the “Mark” of the Beast once. Then, I scratched my head and thought, “Wow that’s actually appropriate.”
English Standard Version …so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the Mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name”

Breakthrough in Feeding Dogs and Cats
People have struggled with the weight of their dogs, and CATS especially for a long time.
Putting a cat on a “diet” usually fails because the cats pester the owners while they try to sleep. Finally the owner gives up and decides “FINE STAY FAT”
With dogs, your family can double feed, over pour, mis-measure and add stuff to the food while they feed.
All that is solved with a good Automatic Feeder.
Yeah, I thought I didn't need one, too.
I thought “What a luxury. Not worth it.”
Now I think I'd never NOT have one.
With an autofeeder:
  1. Cats stop bothering you for food because they realize it's the Feeder and NOT YOU they have to bother.
  2. Dogs, same.
  3. Feeding a specified amount of dry food twice a day pulls weight off fat dogs.
  4. Not begging is nice
  5. Not being tempted to Put Something On The Food and fatten a dog up is nice.
All of this, with the wonder of an automatic feeder. I compare a couple here at
Color change, bleaching in Koi
Do you happen to know what causes color “bleaching” in koi? Colors become much more muted and washed out. No other behavioral differences 
Dr Johnson: 
 Five things 1) diet that lacks color enhancers 
2) lack of intense sun 
3) living on pale background and substrate 
4) extreme stress 
5) wretched genetics

The Perfect Gift of a Hand Crafted Writing Pen

The Perfect Gift

Need to buy a gift for someone who has a lot of nice things and you can't figure out what to get them, but you want it to be “nice” but not break the bank?

Jack's Hand Made Flawless Gift Pens

  • Under $100 – Most are $50 or less – Dozens of beautiful woods – Dozens of designs
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The warranty will surprise you. You won't be disappointed.   – Doc Johnson

Why Franchise / Corporate Veterinary Medicine Is a Cause for Concern With Customers
I found a very well written document that impartially describes how Veterinary Medicine is being consolidated under corporate roofs.
And the article is at and is followed by three additional references which describe the results of polls on the subject, a document on HOW corporatization occurs and summarizes the impacts, and more.
The briefest of summaries basically arrives at the idea that before1960 when Justice Tilzher voted 'yay' in the issue of corporations owning and controlling veterinary practices instead of the doctors – the author arrives at the conclusion that in these practices, veterinary judgment will be on an even fitting with profit motives. And that's AT BEST and did not consider the impact that the newer 'commission-based' pay structures have.
If you still have a chance to visit a private practice WITH A GOOD COMMUNITY REPUTATION –  I encourage you to do so. Having to use a franchise will happen soon enough – whether you prefer it or not. It's inevitable.
We Should Get Socialists to Commit Future Earnings
It would be amazing if, while living in the basement and skating by on peanut butter and jelly – we got the 'generous' and 'free-for-all' liberal think-tank socialists to commit part of their future income to all the various social and global 'causes' they think the US Government Taxpayer should be paying for.
Free college, free healthcare, free whatever.
And watch in amusement as they sign their various 'manifestos' with fingerless knitted gloves reeking of clove oil…..and never think about the ramifications….like they do now.
But then come back later when they've made it. Whether they're just working in a Home Depot, or they founded something like Instagram 
And exercise their own manifesto on them.
My favorite to see, would be watching someone fabulously wealthy – taken down and parted-out and left penniless the way 'rich people hogging all the money' supposedly deserve.
And if these Starbuck's aficionados were non-specific, just put them in a pool of young liberals who actually DO contribute their tax dollars (and LOTS of them) to paying for nonworking people's college, health care and living expenses.) Sort of a Liberal Fund. With “benefactors of yesteryear” who signed manifestos suggesting that everyone should work to pay for others who worked less, and created fewer opportunities for themselves.