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You Should Know The Cycle

If you are not already familiar with the CYCLE, this is the process by which fish wastes and other debris are broken down by bacteria in an aquatic system. Let’s trace it here. The Cycle is a short series of bacterial reactions that purify water. Ammonia is produced by the fish, from gills (75%) and vent (25%). *Nitrosomonas* bacteria in the gravel break the Ammonia down, *before* it has a chance to accumulate and harm […]

Fish Medicine, Disease, Symptoms and Cure

Don't forget about the Youtube Channel that supports in the mission to educate (especially in time for Spring) when pond fish diseases get out of hand.  Youtube for Fish Medicines, Diseases Symptoms and Cure Also, don't forget about the book, Dr Erik Johnson's Koi Health and Disease 2  Finally, if you have not seen the section in Koivet about "twenty steps to pond fish health" it's a section of Koivet that takes you "step […]

Check Out The Youtube Channel

In case you missed it, I've got a growing Youtube channel with all my fish health videos and it's growing all the time. Doc Johnson's Youtube Channel for  Also, is being overhauled to a WordPress theme to be the best fish health, fish medicines symptoms and cure web site out there. Videos and pages melding into a comprehensive "course" to bring you up to speed with "what you should know" videos and pages.  […]

Ponds: The Natural Mud Pond

Image: No1koi

Mud ponds Mud ponds permit the acquisition of enormous bodies of water, and are indicated if you want to grow enormous numbers of fish, or perhaps just grow a few fish to enormous size. It’s true that fish are limited (but not stopped) by the size of their facilities. In small containers, a five year old Koi may be twelve inches long. In a mud pond, the same five year old fish would be “twenty-something” […]

Pond Fish Nutrition: Assessing the Food Label

Image: Dr Erik Johnson

Assessing the Fish Food Label: Step-By-Step Assessment 1: Protein source. Look for fishmeal, squid meal, whitefish meal, anchovy meal, shrimp meal, blood meal, herring meal, etc as first ingredients. These are the best protein sources for fish and are the ones I recommend. Other proteins, for example if you found a bag of food that showed Lobster meal as the first ingredient, you understand that again, aquaculture protein is best for aquaculture. Assessment 2: Purpose […]

Who Are the Watergardeners?

Image Dr Erik johnson

Who Pond Keepers Are; and Why We Keep Ponds in the Landscape Pond keepers are normal people like you and me. The average pond keeper is intelligent and usually has other pets. They typically relate that they got into pond keeping because the sights and sounds in and around the pond were relaxing to them. They also relate some surprise that their individual fish could become beloved family pets whose activities are noted and fondly […]

How to Quarantine Koi and Pond Fish: Limiting Fish Diseases

Image: Dr Erik Johnson

How to establish and utilize a good “quarantine” facility. A quarantine facility is just a big container for new fish to spend some time in before they join your resident population of fish. Figger it this way: the new fish could have a disease and your resident fish hopefully do NOT. So you temporarily put any new fish into quarantine for a week or three to allow whatever illnesses they might be carrying to “go […]

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