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Pond Fish Nutrition: Assessing the Food Label

Image: Dr Erik Johnson

Assessing the Fish Food Label: Step-By-Step Assessment 1: Protein source. Look for fishmeal, squid meal, whitefish meal, anchovy meal, shrimp meal, blood meal, herring meal, etc as first ingredients. These are the best protein sources for fish and are the ones I recommend. Other proteins, for example if you found a bag of food that showed Lobster meal as the first ingredient, you understand that again, aquaculture protein is best for aquaculture. Assessment 2: Purpose […]

Pond Fish Nutrition: The Vitamins

Image / purchased

What you should know about vitamins: In general, if you’re feeding a good quality diet from a well known company, you won’t see vitamin deficiencies. There. I said it, and I beleive it. Vitamin C deficiency is rare today because scientists found a way quite some time ago to make Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) stable against the effects of room temperature, heat, and oxidation by air. This stabilized form of Vitamin C is very effective. […]

Feeding Pond Fish: An Introduction

People say a koi isa life support system for an appetite

In the wild, no one goes and feeds the fish. They get all they need from natural sources. In a closed private pond like you’d have in your backyard, the fish are more densely stocked, and nature’s resources are almost instantly overrun as far as nutrition is concerned, so in most cases you have to feed your fish. THe most common mistake in feeding fish is simply feeding too much. Over-feeding causes pollution, increased fish […]