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Water Gardens: Water Clarity

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Everyone wants clear water. “Clean” water is usualy also clear water, but there are exceptions. You can have very “healthy” water which is so green with suspended algae that you cannot see through it. You can also have very “clear” water which is uninhabitable by fish because of the accumulation of nitrogen wastes. (See discussion of the Cycle). However, cloudy water is almost never clean, and cloudy water is absolutely never good for fish. If […]

Veggie Filters: An overview

Veggie filtration

Naturally, in a water garden, vegetation / foliage is going to contribute a LOT to water quality aka filtration. Veggie filters The “veggie” filter can be relied upon as a ‘standalone’ filter type but there are “gotchas”. Veggie filtration would be great for folks in the Southern US or with limited collections of fish. This type of filter is basically a big vat of water, or even an auxilliary in ground “pond” full of water […]

Filtration: The Basics

If your intended pond is going to be over 1200 but under 30,000 gallons, you definitely need a good bead filter. I will beat these to death in the following paragraphs. If your pond is *under* 1200 gallons, you can make great use of sponge filters, and several other designs. Most of these are available commercially or if you like getting your hands dirty, you can build them. How to decide? One way to buy […]