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How to Quarantine Koi and Pond Fish: Limiting Fish Diseases

Image: Dr Erik Johnson

How to establish and utilize a good “quarantine” facility. A quarantine facility is just a big container for new fish to spend some time in before they join your resident population of fish. Figger it this way: the new fish could have a disease and your resident fish hopefully do NOT. So you temporarily put any new fish into quarantine for a week or three to allow whatever illnesses they might be carrying to “go […]

Pond Fish Mistakes: Buying Healthy

Image: Dr. Erik johnson

Good body language. Eating at the store. If you know about these most-common mistakes in advance, they will be easy to avoid. One of the first mistakes the beginner will make is the purchase of sick fish. Koi keeping tends to be the kind of hobby where folks are impulsive, and they usually have some small amount of disposable income to spend and it burns a hole in their pocket. Without knowing what to watch […]

Watergardening for Retired People: Part Two

Image 123rf Licensed

If you can possibly afford to, heat the fish over winter. Don’t break the bank, but it will save you a lot of potential suffering in the Springtime. See for more details on this area. Whenever you buy a fish, make sure you “quarantine” it for a couple weeks before adding it to the main collection. It’s real important to do this so you don’t burn down the whole collection with an introduced ‘disorder’. […]