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Ponds: The Natural Mud Pond

Image: No1koi

Mud ponds Mud ponds permit the acquisition of enormous bodies of water, and are indicated if you want to grow enormous numbers of fish, or perhaps just grow a few fish to enormous size. It’s true that fish are limited (but not stopped) by the size of their facilities. In small containers, a five year old Koi may be twelve inches long. In a mud pond, the same five year old fish would be “twenty-something” […]

Locating a Koi Pond: Full Sun

Color in Koi is better in full sun.

Advantages to placing the fish pond in full sun: Direct sunlight is important to fish for proper vitamin and mineral absorption and metabolism. Sunlight also stimulates superior color in fish. You would notice this in the “reds” in particular. Sunlight propagates the growth of algae in ponds. “Algae is medicine” and should be allowed to grow on the bottom and sides of your pond no matter how unsightly you’ve been conditioned to think it is. […]