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Who Are the Watergardeners?

Image Dr Erik johnson

Who Pond Keepers Are; and Why We Keep Ponds in the Landscape Pond keepers are normal people like you and me. The average pond keeper is intelligent and usually has other pets. They typically relate that they got into pond keeping because the sights and sounds in and around the pond were relaxing to them. They also relate some surprise that their individual fish could become beloved family pets whose activities are noted and fondly […]

Watergardening for Retired People: Part Two

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If you can possibly afford to, heat the fish over winter. Don’t break the bank, but it will save you a lot of potential suffering in the Springtime. See for more details on this area. Whenever you buy a fish, make sure you “quarantine” it for a couple weeks before adding it to the main collection. It’s real important to do this so you don’t burn down the whole collection with an introduced ‘disorder’. […]

Watergardening for Retired People: Part One

koi pond care

Pond Keeping for Retired People. I want to make pond-keeping simple for retired people who are in the hobby for enjoyment, not hard work. So I am going to present a lot of basic ideas to guide your successful startup without a lot of explanation. It’s kind of a “because I said so” sort of thing, or if you prefer, “take my word for it”. You shouldn’t saddle yourself with a ‘too-large’ pond. Too small […]