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Articles about the fish you’ll enjoy in your water garden!

Pond Fish Mistakes: Buying Healthy

Image: Dr. Erik johnson

Good body language. Eating at the store. If you know about these most-common mistakes in advance, they will be easy to avoid. One of the first mistakes the beginner will make is the purchase of sick fish. Koi keeping tends to be the kind of hobby where folks are impulsive, and they usually have some small amount of disposable income to spend and it burns a hole in their pocket. Without knowing what to watch […]

Water Garden Fish: The Koi, An Introduction.

Koi in a group

Koi Koi are the “magnum” of the pond fish. They are typically the largest fish you could contemplate keeping in your garden pond. They are brightly colored, and there are dozens of widely recognized patterns which helps keep the interest in the hobby. The fish can range from a base color of grey, to brown, to a lustrous white or platinum color. My personal favorite is a fish with a base color of yellow. Koi […]

Pond Fish: The Goldfish Varieties Suitable for Ponds

Fantail Goldfish suitable for Pond or water garden

Goldfish Goldfish occur in numerous varieties, here are some of the most common and most desirable. Comets “Comet” goldfish are common, and rather plain in appearance. Generally, it is accepted that they are a plain orange goldfish with a short or a long tail, which is not doubled or fanned. When you see some Goldfish which cost a dollar or two, you’re probably looking at Comets. The best thing about Comets is that they are […]

Pond Fish Nutrition: The Vitamins

Image / purchased

What you should know about vitamins: In general, if you’re feeding a good quality diet from a well known company, you won’t see vitamin deficiencies. There. I said it, and I beleive it. Vitamin C deficiency is rare today because scientists found a way quite some time ago to make Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) stable against the effects of room temperature, heat, and oxidation by air. This stabilized form of Vitamin C is very effective. […]

Feeding Pond Fish: An Introduction

People say a koi isa life support system for an appetite

In the wild, no one goes and feeds the fish. They get all they need from natural sources. In a closed private pond like you’d have in your backyard, the fish are more densely stocked, and nature’s resources are almost instantly overrun as far as nutrition is concerned, so in most cases you have to feed your fish. THe most common mistake in feeding fish is simply feeding too much. Over-feeding causes pollution, increased fish […]