Breakthrough in Feeding Dogs and Cats
People have struggled with the weight of their dogs, and CATS especially for a long time.
Putting a cat on a “diet” usually fails because the cats pester the owners while they try to sleep. Finally the owner gives up and decides “FINE STAY FAT”
With dogs, your family can double feed, over pour, mis-measure and add stuff to the food while they feed.
All that is solved with a good Automatic Feeder.
Yeah, I thought I didn't need one, too.
I thought “What a luxury. Not worth it.”
Now I think I'd never NOT have one.
With an autofeeder:
  1. Cats stop bothering you for food because they realize it's the Feeder and NOT YOU they have to bother.
  2. Dogs, same.
  3. Feeding a specified amount of dry food twice a day pulls weight off fat dogs.
  4. Not begging is nice
  5. Not being tempted to Put Something On The Food and fatten a dog up is nice.
All of this, with the wonder of an automatic feeder. I compare a couple here at
Color change, bleaching in Koi
Do you happen to know what causes color “bleaching” in koi? Colors become much more muted and washed out. No other behavioral differences 
Dr Johnson: 
 Five things 1) diet that lacks color enhancers 
2) lack of intense sun 
3) living on pale background and substrate 
4) extreme stress 
5) wretched genetics